Reminder About “Going Gentle Into That Good Night” on Amazon

I’m working on a couple of posts, but I went in for a full eye exam this morning and they dilated both eyes and I can barely see to type. 🙂

So, since I’m unable to finish the posts I’m working on today, I’d like to thank everyone who is following this blog. I’d also like to remind you that Going Gentle Into That Good Night is available on (there are print and Kindle versions).

And if you find the information here useful and helpful, I would sure appreciate it if you’d consider a small donation (there’s a PayPal button on the left menu). All donations will be used to continue to provide practical and loving caregiving for our loved ones with dementias and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Be sure, if you haven’t subscribed to email updates, to do so. Every time I update the site, you’ll get an email notification. I’m planning on incorporating different kinds of media here (nope, you won’t see me or hear me…and that’s a good thing, trust me!) because I believe that sometimes a picture is – or pictures are – really worth a thousand words.

Hope you have a good weekend and looking forward to being back with you more regularly next week!

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