“Fields of Gold: A Love Story” Published and Available for Purchase

My memoir about my parents – who were both orphaned at very young ages – and their life together, which included adopting my sisters and me, and then Mama’s journey to the end last August, Fields of Gold: A Love Story, has been published and is now available for purchase.

Watch the publication announcement video to put some faces with the posts I write here, including that of my beautiful Mama.

I wrote this memoir in about six weeks just after Mama died, first to preserve our family stories for my sisters and me and her grandchildren, but then it evolved into a full-length book that chronicled our lives from beginning to end – at least for my parents – and I hope will live on as a tribute to their legacy and a reminder to each of us of the legacy we are now responsible for carrying on and passing on to the next generations.

3 thoughts on ““Fields of Gold: A Love Story” Published and Available for Purchase

  1. Sandra, I just completed reading “fields of gold” and enjoyed your memoir about your family’s heartfelt life. Knowing family histories is helpful when dealing with dementia. Especially during “dark cloud” days when you are trying to separate real from imagined episodes and how to mitigate the behavior in the moment. Well done; the first INTJ I have read besides myself.
    Daniel John Cooney

    • Thank you, Daniel! I appreciate the comments. And i’m thankful to have found another INTJ in you as well. We are not common, and in some ways, in my opinion, we’re equally the most equipped – because of our logic, objective, rational temperaments – and the least equipped – because of the same aspects of our temperaments, because we futilely keep trying to make it make sense – to be the primary caregivers for our loved ones suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. And, yet, I’m thankful in many ways I can’t even put into words for the gifts of time, experiences, lessons, and love I was the beneficiary of during Mama’s and my shared journey. My prayers, thoughts, and support continue to be with you, my friend.

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