VA Assisted Living Benefit (Aid & Attendance) for Military Veterans and Their Spouses

va aid & attendance Alzheimer's Disease Dementia CaregivingI discuss this benefit in great detail in my book, Going Gentle Into That Good Night, as far as what’s needed to apply, some caveats with regard to obtaining military records, how to expedite the process, as well as how to calculate the full cost of care.

But, I wanted to at least mention here that a Veteran’s Affairs benefit for military veterans and their spouses for help with assisted living costs is available if the veteran served during a war (WWII, Korea, Vietnam, etc.).

To take advantage of it for our loved ones with dementias, Alzheimer’s Disease, and other age-related illnesses if they are eligible by going to the VA’s Aid and Attendance page.

Making Sure We Have the Personal Information We Need to Help Our Loved Ones with Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

This post by Kay Bransford, on her Dealing With Dementia blog, is important enough that I want to share it here for all of us who are – or may be in the future – caregivers for loved ones with Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementias.

We live in a digital age and we work very hard to protect ourselves online from things like identity theft and access to our financial and personal data. However, it is important to make sure that we give access to our POA’s in case something happens to us and it is important that we have this information for our loved ones with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia whom we are caring for and, if not already, will be entrusted to handle their legal, medical, and financial affairs for them.

So, Kay’s advice struck me today as being very timely for all of us.