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Facebook Page for Going Gentle Into That Good Night and Caregiver’s Support Group

I wanted to post a reminder that I’ve created this blog to give more extensive details on practical and “in-the-moment” information that we caregivers can use to ensure the best and most loving care of our loved ones suffering with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementias.

I am working on several posts that you’ll be able to read shortly, but I would like to encourage and invite everyone to like the Going Gentle Into That Good Night Facebook page and join the Facebook Caregivers – Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, and Other Age-Related Illnesses group where I am continually posting links and short comments about research and relevant blog posts that we can all use as we go through the caregiving journey.

If you have not yet read my book, Going Gentle Into That Good Night, please be sure to get your copy. It is an overview – and the genesis of this blog – of my own caregiving journey with my mom and I offer lessons I learned in the form of resources and advice you won’t find anywhere else in the Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia literature.

And, as always, if you find any of the information that I provide here or on Facebook useful and helpful, and are so inclined, a small donation (click on Donate on the left side of your screen) would be greatly appreciated. This mission to write, share, and provide helpful information, advice, and encouragement is, it seems, my life’s work now. It is a labor of love because I know firsthand what each of you is going through, but I still have to pay the bills. 

Thank you in advance for reading, for sharing, and for allowing me to share my journey with you.