A Force Was With Us and What A Force She Was – Carrie Fisher (1956 – 2016)

Carrie FisherAlthough this post may not seem relevant on a blog devoted to caregiving and the myriad aspects and factors that come into play in the development of dementias and Alzheimer’s Disease, I assert that, in many ways, it is entirely appropriate.

It serves as both a cautionary tale, which Fisher herself told in many ways and many times over the course of the last 30 or so years, and as a fond goodbye to a lady, who despite her many mistakes and many flaws, has left a legacy of character traits to respect. Continue reading

A Mixture of Degenerative Neurological Changes Drives the Development of Dementia

digital-imaging-brain-going-gentle-into-that-good-nightThis blog stresses over and over that not all dementias are Alzheimer’s Disease (Alzheimer’s Disease is but a single type of dementia), but the Alzheimer’s Association has been quite effective at leading most people to believe that all cognitive impairment and subsequent neurological degeneration is Alzheimer’s Disease.

Not only is this general belief false, but it is also potentially very dangerous to our loved ones with dementia. Continue reading