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Memories of Mama (July 11, 2021)

Mama March 2, 2003Eleven years ago today – July 11, 2010 – which was also a Sunday, the sometimes bizarre, always unpredictable behavior that Mama had been regularly exhibiting since the fall of 2008 reached its critical mass. The week before had been very stressful. Mama’s paranoia and anger were at full-tilt and she spent the week crescendoing out of control.

I visited her every day at her apartment in the retirement community she had just up and decided to go to in late 2005. It served her well, but I can remember my surprise when she just suddenly announced to me that she was moving out from living with me to this community in town. Continue reading

Going Gentle Into That Good Night – the blog is a finalist in the SeniorHomes.com Best Senior Living Awards 2014

And my blog – “Going Gentle Into That Good Night” (http://atomic-temporary-53681440.wpcomstaging.com) – is a finalist too. 

Once again, I thank everyone who has voted and ask anyone on my friends’ list who hasn’t to at least take a look at the blog (http://atomic-temporary-53681440.wpcomstaging.com).

Even if you don’t need this information personally, someone you know – a friend, a family member, or a colleague – needs it.

Everyone – and that includes all of us – even if not right here, right now, will be touched personally by the issues of dementias, Alzheimer’s Disease, and caregiving.

I have been through it personally. This blog is not an academic exercise. 

It is not, like a lot of the dementias and Alzheimer’s Disease blogs that post incessantly on a daily basis, an impersonal web bot scouring of the internet for things that might be related.It is not the sanitized and sterile posts that you’ll find on the “official” dementias and Alzheimer’s Disease web sites.

Instead, you’ll find real-world, understandable, and practical information AND solutions about these diseases. I talk about topics that no one else talks about – do a search on “lifestyle dementia” on my blog and you find information you need even if dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease has never entered into nor been a part of your personal experience – because I want to make sure everyone is educated about the many factors that can and are leading to this burgeoning neurological epidemic.

Going Gentle Into That Good Night is a finalist in the SeniorHomes.com Best Senior Living Awards 2014