God and Alzheimer’s

This is a very personal and interesting article. I know my strengthening faith and God’s intervention, profound and miraculous at just the right time, guided me through this journey with Mama and I also know that Mama’s very strong faith guided her in the journey as well.

There wasn’t a day when the 5th commandment, which I call the “bridge” commandment because it applies to both our physical parents and to our Father in heaven, didn’t present itself prominently in my mind. I have always told God that I don’t want a long life (the promise of the 5th commandment obeyed), because a long life is no guarantee of a quality life, but that I want a life that eventually reflects Him completely.

Although I made my mistakes, had my shortcomings, and let Mama down at times along the course of her time and my time together as mother and daughter, just as I’ve made and make my mistakes, have my shortcomings, and have and do let God down at times as He and I have walked and walk together on our journey as Father and daughter, my hope is that the sum total of the balance sheet shows that I took (and still take) the 5th commandment seriously and  there’s a positive balance at the end of my time on this earth.

8 thoughts on “God and Alzheimer’s

  1. I always obeyed the 4th commandment. “Honor thy father and thy mother” throughout my Dad’s battles with cancer and my Mother’s with Alzheimers. I also hope that my commitment to their care and their dignity during their respective life marathons will give me a leg-up into the next life. Take care Sandra!

  2. What an experience to have to go through, caring for someone who at times doesn’t remember you along with the many challenging issues. Many have gone through this kind of situation but I like the way Sandra uses this experience to learn about the deeper meaning of what the 5th commandment, “Honor your mother and father,” is all about. Thank you for sharing these lessons in your book!

  3. The sermon yesterday was about the different kinds of seeds that are sown in faith. I know that my family’s faith has been tried and sanctified during the process of my FIL’s illness. When he was taken from us, not by death but by another brother, it has felt like the deepest rejection – a father to a son. Honestly I don’t know how we could have managed this journey without Jesus. It hasn’t been pretty even with Jesus but He has sustained us! Thank you for writing this. One day, I need to write about the same subject. The Lord still is working on me to have the courage to do so. You were a good and faithful servant to your precious, precious mama. Bless you.

    • Now I’m making the connection, because I’ve seen the discussion on MP about what your husband’s brother has done, and the pain it has caused you and your family. That breaks my heart. Of all the situations I’ve faced in life, this journey with Mama was about putting her needs first always (honoring her and honoring God). It was never about me. And God and Jesus walked side-by-side with us through it and continue to walk with me today. I continually realize that all the limitations are mine, not God’s, and when I see limitations, I’m bringing God down to my level, instead of elevating my thinking – and my faith – to His level. It’s a process, but I’m thankful for His mercy, patience, compassion, and kindness to all of us. I pray for God’s blessing on you all and that He will guide you continually.

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