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God and Alzheimer’s

This is a very personal and interesting article. I know my strengthening faith and God’s intervention, profound and miraculous at just the right time, guided me through this journey with Mama and I also know that Mama’s very strong faith guided her in the journey as well.

There wasn’t a day when the 5th commandment, which I call the “bridge” commandment because it applies to both our physical parents and to our Father in heaven, didn’t present itself prominently in my mind. I have always told God that I don’t want a long life (the promise of the 5th commandment obeyed), because a long life is no guarantee of a quality life, but that I want a life that eventually reflects Him completely.

Although I made my mistakes, had my shortcomings, and let Mama down at times along the course of her time and my time together as mother and daughter, just as I’ve made and make my mistakes, have my shortcomings, and have and do let God down at times as He and I have walked and walk together on our journey as Father and daughter, my hope is that the sum total of the balance sheet shows that I took (and still take) the 5th commandment seriously and  there’s a positive balance at the end of my time on this earth.